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Walls are instrumental to the makeup of your home. They’re what affords each room their own privacy, and gives you isolated pockets of space for you to fill with all manner of things. They are the building blocks that hold up the roof over our heads, and keep us sheltered from all the furies of the unforgiving outside world. Honestly, we owe a lot to our walls – so why not take the time to dress them up a little? 

Our walls are awesome, but sometimes, having just a simple concrete wall smothered in chalky drywall can be a little bit…uninspiring. The walls might be important structural aspects that keep us safe and dry indoors, but that doesn’t mean they have to remain dull, white, and chalky – there are a myriad of things we can do to make our walls look just a little bit classier, and relax in the safety of the indoors while also appreciating the aesthetics of our surroundings! 

So for those hoping for a little bit more pizzazz to their walls, here are 3 cool wall ideas you can implement in your own home! 

1. Operable Partitions 

Operable partitions are, without a doubt, one of the coolest types of walls/doorways out there. These partitions fulfill the function of all ways in that they separate room from room, but have the added bonus of also being a door as well in the coolest possible way – i.e. automatically parting or folding in segments, the panels flipping over to reveal the next room like some sort of awesome supervillain lair. 

Operable partitions also come in many shapes, sizes, styles and colors, so you can be spoiled for choice as to which one you want to buy and implement in your home for that classy sci-fi look! 

2. Glasswall Wall 

If you think operable partitions were the height of class and sophistication – you ain’t seen nothing yet. 

Glasswall walls are basically the wave of the wall future. These walls are, as you expected, made up of glass – able to separate a room physically but connect them visually, and let the light pour in to bask the indoors in the rays of the sun. The result is a very light, airy looking house glowing with natural daylight, and makes you feel like a rich person luxuriating in the soft glow of their huge glass mansion

Of course, it goes without saying that glass walls shouldn’t be implemented in every room. No matter how classy looking and sophisticated they are, please mind that glass walls are also very see-through – and if you forget this little tidbit of information and accidentally implement glass walls in your bathroom? That can be a recipe for sheer embarrassment! 

3. Fairy Lights

Fairy lights can make any room look soft and ethereal. For those who aren’t aware, fairy lights are basically strings of wispy wire studded in light, and when you string them up, look magical in a way that’s hard to describe – a festoon of lights softly glimmering in your room, curled in gentle loops from where you strung them up over the walls. 

Fairy lights are aptly named, because when you buy a loop of them and opt to string them up over your walls? The softly glowing studs of light can make it feel as though you’ve just entered a fairy paradise – another world of magic and mystery and intrigue, bathed in the warm glow of a dozen golden stars. 

The world of walls is an interesting one indeed, and you can implement all sorts of fancy additions to really make your walls pop in uniquely fun ways. So whether you choose to string up fairy lights or install operable partitions and glasswall wall in Selangor, you might eventually find yourself with one of the most beautiful and classiest walls for a home!   

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Rachel Dunn