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Ever since the globe was struck with the deadly Covid-19 virus, the workforce has resorted to termination of employees which has significantly brought rise to the unemployment rate. Though this may sound brutal as to why companies should let off their employees in such an unprecedented period when everyone’s livelihood is in turmoil, it is their only way to survive and that is to reduce their budget spent. However, starting an online business is one great alternative for us to generate income despite being let off by our previous jobs and this is why : 

unifi internet

Buyers Seek Convenience 

Apart from staying at home to prevent the further spread of the infectious virus, many individuals have initially preferred to shop online. Thanks to rapid technology advancement, we can almost purchase anything we need over the internet be it basic amenities or specialty goods, everything just a fingertip away. Similarly, you are too given the opportunity to sell anything you fancy through your channel, your preloved pieces, your artwork, your baked goods, be creative!

E-Commerce And Social Media Platforms

If you are concerned about where to display your items online for people to purchase, fret not as there are tons of options to choose from! Shopee, Lazada, Ezbuy, social networking platforms (Instagram, Facebook, etc), and so on opens up the door to your journey of online venture. Most importantly, it does not require a single dime from your pocket provided you make use of their paid advertising feature which can help reach your business to wider communities. Subscribing to unifi internet makes responding to customers’ inquiries more efficient. 

Interactive Virtual Marketplace

It is not uncommon for the public to be skeptical of online shopping considering the number of scams taking place so frequently. One way to obtain the public’s trust and turn them into prospective customers is through a conversation with them. Provide as much information they demand regarding the product or service you’re selling, demonstrate to them how it works and prove the legitimacy of your business by displaying reviews of previous customers. 

Wide Variety Of Courier Companies

In this era of globalization, you can almost send out your parcels or packages of any sort to another corner of the globe provided costly postage fees are not part of your concern. Either way, the world holds a plethora of courier companies for online business owners to complete their ventures on. Some mainstream instances are Poslaju, Gdex, JNT, NinjaVan, Abex Express, and DHL. The number of courier companies is anticipated to increase in the upcoming years followed by the rise of online businesses. 

Online Transactions 

While we were previously required to approach the nearest automated teller machine (ATM) for transaction purposes, do bear in mind that ATMs are only established in areas that are rather populated, hence the hassles those residing in rural regions face to complete a transaction. Many people were not very engrossed to shop online in the past due to the said problem as the process may be potentially delayed till they figured out a way to issue their payment. Nevertheless, we are allowed to make online payments on this very day either through FPX online banking or directly via our debit or credit card. Suppose you are worried about possible connectivity problems which may interfere with your transaction, a unifi 300mbps can avoid that from transpiring

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