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When talking about sex today, we have progressed. We can discuss this subject to some people or a group of people. Recently a new topic has emerged about sex toys. Have you watched “Fifty Shades of Gray”? More sex toys have been sold ever since such as dildos and vibrators. Check Out Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia for more sex toys.  Check Out Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia Yes, the topic of sex toys was discussed more after the film was officially released. Sex toys are tools that can be used in sexual intercourse. Sex toys are usually used to make things different between you and your partner. However, is the use of sex toys safe for health? Consider the following explanation so that you can stay healthy using sex toys.   

Avoid Unsafe Sex Toys 

Check out the ingredients of the toys as some sex toys are obtained from phthalates, harmful chemicals so that the plastics feel soft and flexible. This substance is a carcinogen for humans. Sex toys made of sponge material are also at high risk of containing bacteria. Moreover, evaluate the design of sex toys. A safe sex toy, it should feel soft, not easily damaged and easy to clean.  

Don’t Smell The Sex Toys 

Second things that you should take caution is do not smell the sex toys. Then, please take caution when the sex toys exhibit certain aroma especially sex toys with a spicy aroma, it should be suspected and cautioned for harmful health.  

Choose a Sex Toys That is Easy to Remove. 

If you are a beginner, please be gentle and patience on using the basic sex toys. Before moving on the more complex sex toys, master the basic ones first. The reason behind this is intended to prevent incidents if the sex toys you are using are tucked in or difficult to remove from one of your reproductive organs or that of your partner. It is safer. More safer than experimenting without knowledge.   

Choose a High Quality Sex Toys 

Try to compare kids toys that you bought from Eco Shop that are priced at RM2.20 with high-quality toys that you bought from ToyRUs. Isn’t it different? So choose high-quality sex toys!   

Clean After Use (One Time Use, One Time Clean) 

Check Out Secret Cherry Vibrator Malaysia Use a cleaning agent designed to clean sex toys, such as warm water and mild soap. It is better not to share your sex toy with others if you cannot guarantee its cleanliness. Moreover, this can actually be a way to spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). We recommend that you do not use sex toys for anal sex and oral sex continuously without first cleaning them.   You will still need to use a condom to cover sex toys that involve penetration such as vibrators, and replace the condom with a new one each time you use it.  

Do Not Share Sex Toys (No, No and No!) 

Whatever the reasons is don’t share sex toys that have the potential to hurt you until you have blood. Lots have suffer from sexually transmitted disease. If there is a small wound in your or partner’s reproductive organs, this has the potential to transmit infections such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and HIV. This would destroy you and your partner.   

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