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Most often, brick houses and buildings where there is no hot water supply are affected. In addition, it is very difficult to resell such premises later now it is better to buy new buildings from us. Inspect the floors and check the time of the last major overhaul, as well as the management company for Puchong Utama house for sale or a Puchong new condo.

Panel House

When choosing a panel house, wait until winter it is often cold there, especially in corner rooms and on the ground floors. You can order a master and insulate the apartment from the outside of the house, close all the seams with foam or sheathe it. To date, the service will cost an average of 100-150 thousand dollars. But even in the case when such a procedure was done by the previous owner, we advise you to postpone the purchase until the cold weather. If additional insulation is located inside, be careful. They can hide mold and dampness.

  • Even in a panel house, you need to pay attention to the walls. Visually, you will not notice their curvature under the wallpaper and stretch ceilings. It is better not to be lazy and come for an inspection with a building level.
  • The coldest, in my opinion, in panel houses are the apartments located at the ends of the house on the first floors. This happens in 90% of cases, but there are exceptions to the rule. In brick buildings it is equally warm everywhere.

Inspection of the apartment

The most expensive repairs are pipes, floors and windows. Plastic windows are not always good, evaluate the quality of the plastic and the profile. If the window was delivered several years ago and has already turned yellow, then you will soon have to replace it.

With plumbing, everything is simple:

You need to see if the risers and batteries have been replaced because a common disease in secondary housing is water problems. And often it occurs due to incorrectly changed pipes especially when the house is over 25 years old. You should be on your guard, noticing that no special repairs have been carried out in the entire apartment, and the bathroom is in brand new panels. There can be mould, fungus, and cockroaches. Ask to gently remove one panel to see what’s behind it. And the most expensive item is the floors: if they are wooden and squeak, get ready for the fact that you will spend a hundred thousand to replace them.

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