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Are you a parent? Do you see that your children really love to cook since small? Maybe you should send your kids to a cooking school because there are a lot of things that they will learn there. You might want to send your kids to Young Chef academy that located in Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. This school is near Cofea Cofee Cafe and behind Pelita Restaurant. You can easily found this place on Google Maps and Waze. If you feel interested to send your kids here, keep reading to know more about it. 

Young Chef Academy offers classes to children from 3 years old to 17 years old. They have a really good staff, chefs, teachers, and nutritional experts that will help your children to learn. Their staff will also respect your children, listened, and make your children feel comfortable in the learning process. While learning, your children not only can learn about cooking but they will also learn about mathematics, science, geography, reading, history, and social study and those are really important for your kids. You must be wondering what your kids will learn in this school right? Well, your kids will learn basic about safety in the kitchen, how to handle food properly, food preparation, table setting, how to make food presentable, and many more so what are you waiting for and go sign up your kids here. 

chef academy

If you want to throw a birthday party for your kids but want to make it a little bit different why not let your kids be the chef on their birthday. Yes! You can celebrate your kid’s birthday party here and ask your kid’s friends to celebrate it together. There are many packages that you can choose to make sure your kids will enjoy the day. As a parent, you can freely pick recipes and themes for your kid’s birthday and let Young Chef Academy do the rest. Pretty sure your kid will have fun while he here. You also can choose where you want to celebrate the party because they also have a branch in IPC Shopping Mall. During holidays, Young Chef Academy also held camps for those who interest. It is a three hours session for 3 days but you can choose how many days you want your kids to participate in it. Definitely, the price will be different if you wish to participate for one or two days only. 

If you want to know more about the class why not follow them on Instagram and Facebook. You also can get more information at their official website. Once your’s kids grow up, he might want to pursue study in Diploma in Restaurant Management (diploma pengurusan restoran) or any culinary field and this class is the best first step that he can take. As a parent, we must support our children in what they want to do so if you think your kids have passion in cooking go and sign up for cooking class now. Your kids must really love it.

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Rachel Dunn