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Gifting gifts to someone you love can be very random, without any reason to do it (or the reason is because you appreciate their existence). Girls, ladies and women will always be excited to receive gifts from their significant other and they usually will not even care if it is cheap or expensive. You can just give them a postcard and they would be happy with it.

Sometimes, they just want something that can remind them of you. Maybe your favorite perfumes or something that they could wear, like your hoodies or shirts. If you are not sure of what to give them perhaps because it is your first time, don’t worry because I can list some of the things that people often give to the love of their life.

1.   Write a ‘Book about Us’

Women usually love something that will give a spark of their relationship in their mind and your decision to write a book about your love story might be the best decision that you can make. If you realize, women will always talk about something that happened during the early times of your relationship and they would really love it when you can remember the details of it. Writing a book might require you some time, but trust me your girlfriend would love it so much.

2.   Candles

Some people are very sensitive with what they smell and your girlfriend will love it if you give them something that reminds her of you or the place that you always go together. Me myself, I would extremely love it if my boyfriend gifts me with candles that reminds me of the place we always go. Or maybe the candle that smells like your place would be better. You know, making love grows and making your place the reason for a blooming love.

dildos near me in Malaysia

3.   Personalized jewelries

Personalized jewelry with their initials on it will surely make them happy. Well, women generally love jewelry, so why not get your girlfriend one and make it something special. The common jewelries that people often personalized with their initials are necklaces, rings and bracelets. Your girlfriend will wear it every day and show to the world how happy she is with what you got her.

4.   Sex toys

Well this is especially if you are in a long distance relationship with your girlfriend. This is usually not necessary for some people, but if your partner loves intimacy in your relationship but you know you will not be able to be there, get them any sex toys such as dildo and vibrator. You can purchase it from the internet and just search for ‘dildos near me in Malaysia’ and just browse through until you found the suitable ones.

5.   A pass to a boutique fitness class

Girls and fitness will never be apart and giving them a pass to any boutique fitness class would be one of the ways for you to be a supportive partner. Plus, it can be quite expensive, so giving the pass as a gift will surely make her appreciate what you did for her.

There are actually a lot more things that you can give to your girlfriend as a gift and these are only 0.5% of it. You can browse through the internet to find more or if you want to come out with your own ideas would also be good.

Rachel Dunn

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