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Choose a comfortable extender, as you will be wearing it for a few hours a day for several months; safe, meaning designed by experts, clinically tested and approved by medical professionals; and having proven itself. Also check the user reviews on the online sex toy Malaysia forums. Some references can be founded over the internet as well as at 18plus.

Are there no drawbacks to the extender?

The vast majority of testimonials show satisfaction with the result. In addition, the method is inexpensive and without great risk. The only downside therefore seems to be the device itself: not very discreet or pleasant! And also the fact of having to be patient: you will understand, the change is not immediate. Some men would therefore become demotivated after a few uses because of this.

Either way, remember: a big gear won’t make you a good lover and won’t help you know what women (or men) want. So, dear Sirs, the ideal is still to fight this filthy complex of the small rod and to create a dialogue with its partners.

It should be understood that the penis extender will play on the flow of blood because it is the latter which is responsible for a good erection. 

But you cannot gain in width! No significant difference was found regarding the circumference of the penis. Perhaps this is why the extender is not yet adopted by everyone. Many men want to gain more in width than in length. Why? By philanthropy for their partners: the branches of the clitoris line the lips of the sex of women. The size of the penis, which almost directly impacts the clitoris, therefore has more influence on orgasm than its size (few nerve endings are found in the back of the vagina).

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Rachel Dunn