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The living situation has not been easy on us during the pandemic. Some of us had to leave our lease on the wonderful apartment in Mutiara Damansara to move back with our parents and some of us had to bunk in with some friends as a result of a business failure. No matter what our situation is, we cannot deny the pickle we are in. 

When it comes to living with our parents, it is sometimes double the pickle. The temporary move to our parent’s home is starting to feel extremely permanent as the pandemic prolongs. For some of us, this particular living situation has taken a mental toll. For a long while we have been craving independence from our home, and to start building our life. Pandemic has put a brake on our plans to find ourselves, live on our own, and enjoy our adulthood. 

But living with our parents does not have to be as bad as people make it sound. While it does have its drawbacks, all we need to do is learn how to cope with these drawbacks. Not everyone is in an equal situation but many of us could be helped with some of these coping mechanisms to deal with the stress of living with our parents. 

First of all, it is important to start listening to your own needs before others. Even if you are living with your parents. When it comes to your needs, you have to actively listen. What does it need? Does it crave stability? A proper outlet for all the stress? A way to manage all the triggers for emotional outbursts? Maybe a little rest and peace in a park? It can be simple things that we do for ourselves that make our day bearable. Every day there will be some sort of emotional triggers and it is important to be aware of what exactly triggers them. This way both you and your parents can avoid another turmoil-filled interaction in the house. 

Mutiara Damansara

Proper communication is also a wonderful way to manage your relationship with your parent, especially when living in such close quarters. Sometimes the proximity can cloud our judgment with impulsiveness and emotions but it is important to take a breather and maybe a day before communicating. Both you and your parents need a day and some time before they can fully articulate a message without letting emotion bombard it. Communication between both sides sometimes may include various conflict resolution methods such as accomodating, acknowledgment, taking the high road, and most importantly collaborating. 

A great way to keep your mental stability is by making sure to keep in touch with your friends during this delicate time. They can resonate with you and make light of the situation. They can also help you see the situation is different perspectives. The bottom line is you need to have someone you could vent to and talk to about the things that happen at home. Most of the time it is always wise to book a therapy session

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