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The liver is one of the most important organs in our body. If we don’t take care of it, we will suffer from poor liver function, which can develop into liver disease over time. Therefore, people with a bad liver must pay attention to the usual liver maintenance, and of course, no less than dietary regimen.

Stop drinking

The liver is one of the main culprits of liver problems, many people love to drink alcohol, especially strong alcohol. The intake of alcohol into the body will greatly increase the burden on the liver, which can bring great damage to the liver. If your liver is already bad and you drink alcohol, it will make it worse. Generally speaking, normal people should drink in moderation, let alone those with a bad liver. So people with liver problems must be careful to abstain from drinking, not to drink too much, and preferably not to drink at all.

Eat more liver-supportive foods

There are still quite a lot of foods that are generally good for the liver, and as long as we pay more attention to some health tips, we can prevent liver problems in our diet. If you get liver disease, you can drink more lemon water and eat more goji berries. These two foods can help detoxify the liver and play a role in purifying it. Eating these foods in general can also be a powerful way to curb fatty liver.

Adjust the cooking method

We usually use more oil and salt to make the stir-fry more fragrant, but this can actually be damaging to the liver. Food with lots of salt and oil, although very tasty, is very heavy and can increase the burden on the liver, which is one of the main reasons why some people with liver disease become ill. If you are already suffering from liver disease, you must eat less oil and salt, keep a light diet and try not to eat heavy foods. 

Match your diet

Patients with liver disease must pay attention to a combination of meat and vegetables, and not eat no meat or no vegetables. The standard diet should be three parts meat and seven parts vegetarian, not too much fatty meat and not too much high cholesterol food. A moderate daily intake of protein and vitamins, as well as the nutrients your body needs, is sufficient. A standard diet will help the liver recover more. Drinking a few glasses of milk or yoghurt and eating some fish food during the day will also help to recover the liver. If you suffer from liver disease, you must pay attention to exercise in addition to your diet and frequently make consultations with experienced doctors such as 陸汶宗醫師.  Don’t stay in an air-conditioned room every day, you can do some aerobic and anaerobic exercises to make your body healthier.   

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