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One of the most important things merchants should take away from the present economic crisis is the value of having an online store.

Even though online shopping has been introduced a long time ago, there are also some people who would still prefer to shop in-store. So, here I will list down the benefits of online shopping and in-store shopping, along with some drawbacks of each.

In store shopping

1.       Get to know how the item or products really look like.

Certain people are so detailed about their purchase. They want it to be exactly as what is promoted on the billboard or any advertisement. Going to the store will fulfil their need to touch and see the exact colour of the item, feel the materials and maybe to make sure that they got the right size.

2.       Immediate availability.

Buying straight from the store will not make you wait any longer. If you have thought of buying it, go to the store and get it right away. This is also convenient for those who always make urgent purchases. You will not have to wait for the admin to reply to you and you will get to check in the store by yourselves. It is better that way. Basically, you won’t have to wait!

3.       No shipping cost.

Buying things from the store does not require you any shipping cost because you will get in the store and take it with you.

The thing with in-store shopping is, it somehow will take a lot of your time especially if you are a busy person. You will have to take your time to get ready to get to the store, travel time and travel cost.

Online shopping

1.       Cost- effective.

In this case, online shopping can be cost effective for both business owners and the customers. As the owner, you will not have to rent a shop lot to sell your products. Some even just make a business from home, especially if the items are handmade. No renting means no bills to be paid. It saves a lot.

As for the customer, you will not have to travel all the way across the country to purchase anything especially if it is not available in your country. For example, if you are from Singapore, you don’t have to travel all the way to Malaysia just to get any products for your baby. Search for Malaysia’s top baby product and you will get to purchase anything online.

2.       Accessible

Online shopping widens your range of customers from the locals to international customers. Also, online shopping means you can survey everything just with the tip of your finger. Keep scrolling until you found what you want.

3.       Time saving.

It is time saving for the customer as you will not have to travel to the store and purchase any products. You can easily make comparisons just using your mobile phones or computer. Making surveys between online shops at 2am? It is no longer a problem.

Websites like e-Bay, Klook, Shopee and Amazon even allow you to purchase anything you want at 6am. That is so cool!

The drawbacks for online shopping is you will have to wait for the shipping process and it might take up to 2 weeks. And if you are unfortunate, it is possible if the sellers lied to you and conned your money.

Rachel Dunn

Lajur Pejalan