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We are now living in a high definition world. This only means that we are in a world that is very inclined with the advancing technology. Since our technology advances every once in a while, almost all aspects in our lives have also been affected by this advancement. One of the major things that have been affected by the advancement of our technology is the production of our food and how it is processed. 

In the primitive times, we grow our plants and animals by feeding them with all natural food. There were no boosters for our animals before and there were no fertilizers for our plants. But in our world today, the traditional way of growing plants and animals have long been forgotten. Everything is now done in such a way that we can reduce the growing time of our animals and plants just to keep up with today’s fast moving world. Everything today has a shortcut and because of this short cut, our lives are now in the brink of getting a short cut. 

Have you ever wonder why the people before technology was discovered lived longer than us who have the chance to get medical help from the big hospitals and other medical facilities around us? People in the primitive times usually reach the age of a hundred and  can still walk around and function like the people who are in their sixty’s today. Our people today barely even reach eighty years old. Why do you think this is happening? 

One major factor that has caused this very situation is the fact that our traditional way of growing plants and animals are now taken into shortcuts. Shortcuts are good because it reduces the time it takes for the plants and animals to grow thus reducing the cost of growing them, but at the same time, it is also reducing the life span of the people who will eat these plants and animals. Organic foods have always been the best for everyone. The term organic refers to the process of growing plants and animals with no artificial or chemical aid involve. This means that the plants and animals are grown naturally. 

Organic plants are known to be more nutritious and delicious way to have healthy snacks in Malaysia. This is because there was not a single chemical that could add to the taste of the plant; this is also the same in animals. So if you want a healthier body and a longer life span, you should now switch to an organic and plant-based diet because it is healthier and more nutritious. 

Even though fertilizers can make the plants grow healthier and boosters give our animals the nutrients they need, remember that these artificial things that we are giving them are processed and chemical based, and even the smallest amount of chemical can already bring a big change to a thing. Any amount of chemical that we take inside our body can already alter something that works naturally, so do not let any amount of chemicals hinder one part of your body to function. So, start eating healthy now if you want to live longer. 

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Rachel Dunn

Lajur Pejalan