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top pick for tm unifi coverage in malaysia

“If indeed, the Internet has a lot to offer to those who know what they are looking for, the same Internet is just as capable of supplementing the stupidity of those who navigate it without a compass.”

top pick for tm unifi coverage in malaysia

Today we are going to try to learn a little more about the internet world

In the simplest possible way, this article will explain all the terms related to the tools you use to assess your internet connection. You may have already tested your connection, but you haven’t really understood the results. Or maybe you didn’t know that it was possible to measure the speed of its internet connection. Well, if so, this article is for you and you can choose the top pick for tm unifi coverage in malaysia.

Everything will be explained to you! First, we will see the terms and units of measurement used in data transmission via a network. Once you are familiar with all these terms, several sites will be made available to you so that you can measure your internet connection speed, and finally we will see together how to judge and evaluate these results.


What is the flow? It’s a term we’ve all heard, but what exactly is it?

To understand more easily, we can make the analogy with the flow of tap water, and ask the question: how long to fill my bathtub?

  • If the flow is low, the amount of water coming out of the tap will be low and the tub will take forever to fill.
  • Therefore, it is a quantity (water in our example, and data when it comes to internet speed) provided in a given time. Let’s take the example of the bathtub:
  • Let’s say that my bathtub can hold 100 litres of water and that the time needed to fill it is 1 hour: my flow rate is 100 liters/hour.

It is exactly the same principle for internet speed, namely the amount of data passing through your computer in a given time. But before you can interpret the speed of your Internet connection, you must know the units of measurement of data! But don’t worry, everything will be explained a bit further down.

Rachel Dunn

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