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If you are currently living in the comfortable confinements of your home at Bukit Subang, here are a list of places to entertain yourself in Subang: 


The Bandar Sunway Concert

Anticipating to watch your favorite performer live in front of your eyes and hype them up? Another approach to unwind is to attend a concert. Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach occasionally hosts events and concerts. Even the K-Wave Music Festival was hosted right here at this location. So, make sure to get some tickets for the next event so you can have fun and listen to some music! Or even having a time of your life meeting your favorite artists on stage to show your fanatic support for them.

EnerZ Extreme Park

Located in Subang Jaya, EnerZ Extreme Park spans over 80,000 square feet and offers a variety of activities for all ages, including Trampoline Park where there are a number to choose from such as Free jump trampoline, Air Bag, Foam Pit, Sky Dive, Slam Dunk Basketball and High Performance wall, Wall Climbing, Gut Builder, Dodgeball, Ninja Warrior, Meltdown, Gladiator, Sky Ropes, and Badminton Court. If you enjoy these activities, you should consider visiting this location with your family and friends for more fun in the gathering.


Are you a fan of board games? Do you have a heightened sense of competitiveness to win in matches with your friends to show who’s the boss of the game? Meeples is a cafe featuring European board games that you may play for a low price! With much positive feedback coming from people living in Bukit Subang, this comfy, homely place appears to have become a frequent visit for those living in the area for the regulars here who need Meeples to seek for an escape from the stressful endeavours of the working world. The cafe, as explained from its status, serves a variety of drinks in case you get thirsty while playing board games. 

Jump Street

Nothing is childish when you are having a good time of your life at the moment. JumpStreet Trampoline Park is a playground for adults and children alike with no prejudice of age and life experience. All they are prioritizing about is the happiness and joy they can propagate across the centres of its room. There are hundreds of interconnected trampolines from the floor to the wall in this location, which makes it all the more entertaining to let out the child in you who loves to jump on the bed as a makeshift trampoline. 

Sunway Pyramid

Do you have a knack for shopping wherever you are? Sunway Pyramid is one of Kuala Lumpur’s largest shopping malls and is your unique shopping destination in Subang Jaya. Luxurious and a huge mall like that, the Sunway Pyramid provides something for everyone, from upmarket retailers to toys for children to technology and exquisite restaurants. So do not be shy when you want to flaunt your expensiveness with style and effort in putting out appropriate clothing. 

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