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post-natal physiotherapy program
For most mothers, it is common to put your child’s care above and beyond any other worry in the world. It’s hard to focus on anything else when you feel that your whole world revolves around them, which to a certain point is understandable. The anticipation of waiting for your child to arrive in the world from the first moment you discover news of their existence is no small matter. In fact, in many instances, it could be considered the greatest miracle.  So I can understand when mothers say that they would die for their children. Such is their love for their child. However, wouldn’t being able to spend the rest of your life with your child be a greater blessing. On point of that matter, I would like to bring up the issue of postnatal care for mothers. Many mothers tend to neglect themselves in favour of caring for their children. And although that is commendable, it would serve no benefit should the mother fall ill.  In Malaysia, there are several places where mothers can apply to join a post-natal physiotherapy program that could aid in healing. Despite all this, if you’re still not convinced, maybe I can shed some light on the benefits of postnatal care. 

Avoid Postpartum Depression

Postpartum depression is a type of depression mothers experience after giving birth. Oftentimes it is caused by the loneliness and fatigue mothers experience after pregnancy. In some cases, there have been reports where mothers abuse their children as they are unable to handle their depression. A simple solution to avoid this scenario is to indulge in post-natal physiotherapy programs that are designed to soothe distressing emotions and provide strong emotional support.

Strengthen Your Body

Another benefit that post-natal physiotherapy programs offer is a way to strengthen your body. Mothers’ bodies will inevitably be weak after having to endure nine months of discomfort carrying a child. Not to mention that the child birthing process is no walk in the park. Postnatal physiotherapy programs are designed with suitable exercises that mothers can do so as to strengthen their muscles and heal that much faster.

Provide Better Care For Your Child

Not many believe me when I say this but it’s true. A happy mom is a happy baby, and a healthy mom is also a healthy baby. By ensuring that your body is on the mend and that your mind is sound, you are naturally bringing yourself to be a better and healthier self. Hence, your body will be able to produce a healthier supply of milk for your child which will aid in his development later on. So what are you waiting for, the first step to caring for your child is to care for yourself first. If you would like more information on post-natal care physiotherapy programs, check out Mamacliqs, a place designed to care for both mothers and children alike. 

Rachel Dunn

Lajur Pejalan