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In today’s world being a female is hard in many aspects. We have to push ourselves to be the best version of ourselves to compete with males, whether it is in terms of studying or working society seems to see women as a weak figure. But, as a woman we know that is not true, in fact, it is the total opposite of that.  Sometimes, after a full day of being an independent sophisticated woman, we just want to come home and pampered ourselves. Taking care of ourselves physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is crucial to make sure that we are living a good quality of life.  Here are the guidelines for female self-care for all of the ladies out there:   


Have you seen the skin of all of these Korean celebrities? You’ll be shocked once you’ve known their real age, some of them are past 40 but somehow their skin still looks like they are in middle 20. What is the secret? Is there some kind of youthful fountain? Well, there is a secret but it’s not something that’ll surprise you. It is actually wearing sunscreen. That is all you need to do, to achieve that healthy skin. It’s all about wearing your sunscreen religiously.   

It’s All About Hydration 

The key to having healthy skin, body, and peaceful mind is hydration. Our body needs at least 8 glasses of water to function well. Drinking water can help our skin to be healthier and glowy it will also help us to achieve or maintain our weight. So, remember to drink your water and coffee is not water ladies!   

Self Pleasure 

Self-pleasuring yourself shouldn’t be something to be shame about. Instead, you should be proud of knowing what your body needs and wants. To spice things up, you can even purchase vibrator at Secret Cherry. To truly gain the best experience of pleasuring yourself.   

Plan Your Meal 

I get it, once we’ve reached that craving phase all we want to binge on eating are chocolates and more unhealthy snacks. There’s nothing wrong with eating them but your body will thank you once you filled them with healthy and nutritious food. You don’t have to restrict yourself from eating a certain food, besides you should enjoy them and feed your body what it needs and honor the cravings. Remember, you don’t have to look certain ways to feel beautiful.   


Yoga has been proven to be good for our bodies and mind. It is a good practice to strengthen our core and stability, and it also creates peace of mind for ourselves. Don’t be afraid to try out yoga, you will be surprised with how much it benefits your quality of life.   

Journaling and Reading 

Other than our bodies, we also need to feed our souls and mind. Journaling is one of the ways for us to let out our emotions the healthy way and reading is one way to feed our creative mind. The more we read the more creative and open-minded we’ll become and journaling will keep us composed and creative.  Purchase vibrator at Secret Cherry

Rachel Dunn

Lajur Pejalan