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Gambling has been one of the most popular activities that even children can participate in under parent’s supervision. However, it can also be one of the most dangerous activities as arrogance, greed and pride could lead some gamblers bankrupt and incur debt to their gamblers. Illegal gambling sites aim to scam their gamblers to force them to incur debt with them. This issue has been solved by the establishments of casinos that are spreading across the world. Casinos are common gambling sites for gamblers to satiate their needs to gamble without worrying about being scammed while controlling gamblers’ habits by introducing a money-to-token system that helps control their urge to gamble. This token system revolutionizes gambling as it helps to prevent gamblers from continuously gamble that would lead them spending more of their money to gamble that will lead them to bankruptcy and incur debt. 

With the recent rise of coronavirus cases, most on-site casinos are closed to prevent the virus from spreading. Because casinos are required to pay a large sum of money for taxes, casinos are struggling to keep their business afloat as they rely on attracting gamblers to generate revenue. Thanks to the advancement of technology, casinos do not have to worry about it anymore as they are able to seek other ways to generate income through the use of the internet. This allows casinos to develop websites and mobile apps to help gamblers stuck at home to satiate their needs of gambling in the comfort of their homes though online casinos.

Most online casino games allow their users to receive multiple bonuses that increase based on their accumulated logins with some of the rewards allowing users to spin one time for free to stand a chance to win some attractive prizes. Unlike their on-site versions, these prizes change more frequently which could encourage more gamblers to invest into spinning to earn these prizes. With smartphones and the internet becoming more available to everyone, online casinos are becoming more popular than their on-site counterparts especially during this pandemic, which encourages gamblers to gamble online more often instead that even working adults are able to gamble during their breaks. In addition to the aforementioned login rewards, online gamblers are able to become a member of the online casinos they frequently gamble to receive more rewards and boost the rewards they already have with a higher tier of membership providing more bonuses. 

As online casinos are becoming more popular in recent years, more gamblers are more attracted to the convenience it comes with as they are able to gamble similarly to on-site casinos without the hassle of physically topping up on tokens and waiting their turns to gamble their desired table and machine games. As the pandemic is starting to die down, casinos are able to open up again but implementing the SOP by allowing a certain amount of gamblers are able to gamble inside. Even after the pandemic is dealt with, online casinos will continue to become an important part of both casinos and gamblers’ aspects of gambling.

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Rachel Dunn