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The mission of the Human Resources function is to ensure that the organization has the personnel necessary for its operation and that these personnel do their best to improve the performance of the organization, while flourishing.

What challenges?

The significance of the Human Resources purpose can be implicit at numerous levels:

In relations of production, the Human Resources function will permit the company to have capable staff who can recover the output of the company.

From a financial standpoint, appropriate personnel management will make it possible to limit expenditure related to salaries. The salary no longer will be just a price for the company, but an investment.

What tasks within the Human Resources function?

On a daily basis, the Human Resources function tackles several tasks that could be grouped together according to 4 main axes.

Recruiting employees

Recruiting an employee is the search for a match between the needs of the company and the skills of an individual.

Having identified its personnel needs, the company will have to formulate precisely its expectations and the skills necessary to meet them.

Once this job description has been drafted, the candidate will be selected both on his current skills, but also on the ease with which he can acquire others in the future, if the company needs them.

Staff compensation

For a long time, human resources management was limited to the payroll service.

Compensation has a double dimension:

  • It is a cost for the company;
  • But at the same time it is a motivating factor for the employee.
  • The salary is therefore the balance resulting from these two forces: upwards for the employee, downwards for the company.
  • Remuneration happens not to be limited to the secure salary: portion of the salary might based on the presentation of the employee (variable part).
  • Forward-looking management of employment and skills
  • Personnel management does not only happen at a given time.
  • The Human Resources task must allow for the future requirements of the company.

Scenarios concerning the future of the company are therefore drawn up. They make it possible to highlight the personnel needs of the company.

The best human resource course in malaysia Human Resources study and function therefore defines the actions necessary to meet these needs: recruitment of external personnel, training of internal personnel, use of subcontractors, etc.

Improving working conditions

The management of working conditions has long focused on the management of risks and safety in the workplace.

The objective then was to reduce accidents and work-related illnesses. For more articles such as this one, click here.

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