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The certified BV supply chain service in Malaysia is needed as well in our current condition right now. As you know the demand in the e-commerce industry has risen because people have started staying home. Many people do not know why the logistics and supply chain companies are important in our e-commerce industry but there are about five elements you need to know about the logistics and the supply chain companies.

Material Handling 

Material handling is the department that basically works around the warehouse. People who are working in this department normally prepare the shelves, racks or material handling tools or equipment in order to carry them around the house, including loading and unloading the transportation. They are very much responsible for everything that happens on the materials or the products after they have been sent by the supplier. Although it sounded really easy to manage, they would still require a specialist for storage equipment in the warehouse. 


Another element for logistic and supply chain companies is inventory. People who are working in the inventory department basically are the ones who managed anything related to storage and warehousing. They are the ones who hold, decide which products are located in the warehouse, including the flow of the products received from the suppliers and products that will be sent out to the buyers. Whoever requests to be positioned in this department are required to know the management of inventory. 


Apart from that, you should know as well that transportation is considered as one of the major elements in logistic and supply chain companies that includes all kinds of transportation such as road vehicles, freight trains, cargo shipping and air transport. But it is not recommended to have a long period of time to do transportation for a short supply chain, including foods. Transportation is the most visible and known department in logistic and supply chain companies that people are aware of.

Information and Control

Meanwhile, information and control are needed in order to have updates and information regarding materials and products in the logistic and supply chain companies. This is needed for them to go back and check if there’s any damaged products or insufficient materials. People in the information and control department make sure to store all these important details so there are data stored in other locations other than the inventory department, for backup purposes as well.

To wrap things up, all the departments in the logistic and supply chain companies are very important in their own ways in order to make sure the flow of the logistic management, generally, can go smoothly with any problem, because if not, you are not going to be able to get the things you have purchased online. E-commerce has gotten many attention from buyers all around the world. These people have no other options but to use the facilities they are able to utilize the facilities they have been provided in the E-commerce options for customers. You probably have other questions, there are many explanations that you can find on any Youtube channel and blogs from bloggers on Google Search. Click here for more information.

Rachel Dunn