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Jom Apply Time Internet Malaysia After a long day of work, you sit down on your comfortable chair, you put on your headset and ready to game. In this article, we will be going through the things that make gamers angry. List are not in order. Jom Apply Time Internet Malaysia


They say being angry is one of our truest nature. During gaming, experiencing game lag is definitely annoying and it can make gamers really angry especially when gamers rely on video games to chill and relax. Not a nice feeling when the thing that is supposed to make you relax, makes you stressed. We are not talking about internet lag, which we will go through later. We are talking about game lag where the game does not perform to its full capacity.


If you are a single player, go away. This point is for your multiplayer orientated gamers. One annoying thing that multiplayer players face is bad teammates. Instead of getting well-coordinated and helpful teammates to help you to win the game, they do the opposite. It can be a stressful experience when your teammates do not know what they are doing. For example, in a multiplayer shooter game, you have made an amazing flank to capture the enemy’s territory. However, suddenly, you are surrounded by enemies. You request your teammates for backup. But instead of helping you to kill the enemy, they help the enemy to kill you instead as their flashbang blinded you.


This is where a lot of gamers can relate. You are in the middle of your gaming session, having a good time. But suddenly, your game crashes. It can be annoying when it happens for more than one time.


This point is linked to the previous point. This is one of the biggest things that can annoy gamers is when they forget to save the game file. You have progressed a lot with your game, and suddenly, your game crashed. You then realized that you forgot to save the game. Because of that, you have no choice but to start again from where you left off. Putting your effort to waste.


An unstable internet can be annoying for multiplayer gamers. You are just chilling with your online gaming session with friends, and out of a sudden, your internet becomes so unstable. If you have experience with what lag is like, it is something you do not want to experience as an online gamer. With that, that is why Time Malaysia is offering attractive deals so that you can upgrade your internet speed. Jom Apply Time Internet Malaysia now!


Lastly, is toxic gamers. Dealing with toxic gamers in an online multiplayer game. Not only do they ruin the gameplay experience with their toxicness, they can also be unreasonable to deal with. The good thing in most games, you have the option to mute them and even report them for their toxic behaviour. As a gamer, what are the things that annoy you? Jom Apply Time Internet Malaysia
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