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math tuition malaysia Mathematics is one of the most important subjects we learn at school. It doesn’t matter how much you hate it, it will always haunt you. If any of you have difficulties in learning maths, you can always check out math tuition malaysia. Okay, we would normally use maths in our daily life, especially for students. There would be situations where we need to utilise maths, for instance, when you go out with your friends and you want to split the bills. You need to calculate the foods and drinks you have ordered and the service tax too. Hence why it is crucial for us to at least understand the basics. The importance of maths will be discussed further in this post.   

Mathematics in Daily Life

Maths may be traced back to Mesopotamia, Egypt, and Maya civilizations. It was utilised for trade, taxation, and scientific research into the natural world, including the stars. Many people nowadays are concerned about their mathematics abilities. According to studies, 93 percent of adults in the United States experience some level of maths anxiety. Maths is also a concern for 31% of 15 and 16-year-olds in 34 countries.  math tuition malaysia Mathematics is now a necessity in our life. It can be considered as the foundation of a modern ordered life. We use maths at least once every day. It would be a hassle if maths doesn’t exist since we would have to face numerous situations that would require the usage of numbers and quantitive evidence. Let’s take an example from the point of view of a construction worker. While practicing their craft, construction workers must apply math in various ways, including solving equations, taking measurements, and converting amounts. Other than that, they must be good with the basics such as division, multiplying, addition and subtraction. They have to be good at fractions too.  Here’s another example. When you go shopping, you need to calculate the amount of money you are going to spend beforehand. You need to ensure that you are within the budget and not spending over the limit. While shopping too you need to make price comparisons to get a better price.   

Is it Important?

With the examples given, the answer is yes. It is very very important and is significant for us. These are the reasons why:  
  • Helps the brain and to develop thinking abilitymath tuition malaysia

It is undeniable that mathematics plays an important role in helping our brain as well as developing our thinking ability. Of course, these both are related since maths requires a high thinking skill to solve the problems. When it comes to Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia, when brain cells shrink and die slowly, having a healthy brain is very crucial. According to research, any type of rigorous brain workout can help protect a person’s brain cells, and solving maths problems is one of the workouts that could be done.   
  • It is vital in medicine

Without the existence of maths, there might be no effective medicine invented. The correlation between these two is very vital. Most scientists will have to deal with numbering and to be exact, mathematics in order to make the correct calculations. They have to gather and analyse data, which is based on numbers and statistics, in order to determine how well a treatment is working. Math is also employed in everyday tasks such as drafting prescriptions for patients.   
  • Almost everything is related to maths

You see numbers everywhere. That is mathematics for you. It is inevitable for you not to encounter them in your life. Maths has been with us from the very first day. Learning and embracing mathematics might help you recognise aspects of the world that you might otherwise overlook. Maths is omnipresent and you will have to live with it until the end.  You are now able to see the importance of mathematics in our life. You can hate them but you cannot run for them. However, don’t be afraid. You will most likely have to utilise only the basic maths such as addition, subtraction, division, and multiplying. 

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