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You must not have other debts that limit your spending capacity. If you have contracted other loans, the bank understands it in a click when it checks your data. In itself it is not a hindrance but, obviously, if you are already paying other installments that significantly affect your monthly income you already have a part of the available bandwidth occupied. Otherwise, you can easily go for the gombak apartment for rent.

You do not have to have a complicated credit history:

If you have been a bad payer, you have various types of reports and the like, you are already starting to look for a guarantor because they will make you fuss;

You do not have to take the longest step:

Both for individual financial reasons and to be credible with the bank, the installment you are going to pay must not exceed 25-30% of your income.

The guarantor is not omnipotent: in my part where, as we explained to you, houses cost a bang, people usually apply for financing even with multiple guarantors. The guarantor, however, is a person like you in that it is processed the same way. Consequently, therefore, it cannot make up for your “inability” to pay an excessively expensive installment. If, then, the guarantor is a relative who perhaps works in the same family business as you, the possibility of having a greater spending capacity recognized could decrease as the “source” of income is the same.

These are some key tips before applying for a mortgage, try to be in line with what we suggest. You will save time and money.

The price: how, when and if to negotiate

We have come to the time to decide whether or not to make the purchase proposal in which we will basically offer a price that in our opinion is fair to pay for the property such as gombak property for rent. Here too, I would like to give you some important tips to keep in mind:The price on the ad portals is slightly inflated: generally on the first appointment the real estate agent already lets you understand, if he sees your interest, how much the owner would be willing to close. The agency wants to sell a gombak condo for sale, bringing people to make inspections is a cost for them, try to get the agent to help you because the figure that indicates you is the “real” price on which to start understanding how much to negotiate. For more articles like this one, click here.

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